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need help to ID a colt commander?

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I just got a great deal on a colt commander. It appear to be new and unfired. serial#70BS1526.It has plain smooth grips w/colt simbol in the middle(silver)The grip has a lanyard and id guess its 98%.The finish on the barrel is blue and the frame is matte. The frame is steel. If you need any other info let me know. Buy the way I got it for $100!!!
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i think its orginal then. the flat are blue polished and the curves are matte finish. ive heard of other people having the same model w/the lanyard. ill have to call a guy i met from colt and see if he can give me any info. whta are they worth? i know i stole it! a guy wanted to just give it up since he didnt want his carry permit anymore. awesome deal. how for some more in the future.
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