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Hello everyone,
I have a new Tactical Supergrade on order and I would like to buy some ammo now before ammo keeps going up.

I am getting really confused as to what to shoot in the gun. I don't mind spending money on quality ammo. However, I am getting a lot of different opinions on whether I should shoot lead bullets, jacketed bullets or a combination.

What is best to break the gun in? I know Les Bear recommends that you use Federal American Eagle 230gr jacked bullets. I believe Wilson recommends Black Hills 200gr lead swc ammo. I am not sure if it is better to use lead bullets during breakin or jacketed.

For general shooting after breakin (I will be reloading), should I buy the classic 200gr lead swc (H&G68 design)?
I was either looking at laser-cast or penn bullets (the match ones). The laser-cast bullets are almost twice as much as the penn bullets.


Would it be better for the gun to shoot a 185gr/200gr swc jacketed bullets (like the Hornady or Remington Match).

Again, I don't mind spending the extra money on jacketed if it is better for the gun. I heard lead is a lot harder to clean but the jacketed will not feed as easy since the lead can conform to the feed ramp if needed and that jacketed bullets reduce barrel life over lead.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, on the reloading, I am going to using Winchester primers and vihtavuori N320 powder.
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