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I am looking at ordering a slide in the next day or two, and am starting to gather parts for a Commander Length Slide over a Officers frame. I am looking for info on how I can go about putting a 9x23 or 9x25 conversion on a .45 receiver, with the capabilities to switch over to a full size (.45) top end for carry. My reason for the smaller top end is for home defense, since I do not want to deal with concerns or over penetration being as I reside in an apartment complex. Would I just need a barrel conversion? Or a whole different top end?

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Hey New1911addict.

You probably better off just making the 45acp for the reason you are concerned about.

The 9x25, first it a total custom affair..no one loads for it..the 9x23 comes in two loadings..and both are pretty hot rounds at about 1500fps...

Also two switch from .45 to 9x25 (10mm case) or 9x23 would require a different extractor. Both rounds can be finicky to make run too, so having a two or three caliber gun would add to the complication of tuning the gun to be self-defense reliable.

Also mags would be difficult for the the 9x25..no makes a om length 10mm magazine.

I like the idea of a om-commandersize gun..I have one planned using a caspian Ti frame and steel slide in 9x23...

good luck to you...I would pick one caliber to sure of reliabilty...
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