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need kimber selling advise

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anyone know of a good place to sell in nebraska? i have a kimber classic custom that i just dont shoot much & was new in december. the few times i shot it, it worked great. looking to get $480 as someone told me in here to expect to take a $150 loss from new..thanks for any tips.
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Post it for sale at TFL, http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/index.php and at the Pistolsmith forum, http://www.pistolsmith.com/index.php .

I would ask $600 including shipping and see if you get anybody looking. You can always lower the price.

Ask for a certified check or USPS money order and a signed in ink current FFL for transfer if you sell it out of state.

I would be interested in it myself, but the wife, you know how it goes.


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al57, you might get a little more than $480 if you post a picture with your ad. The pistolsmith board recommended by John is a good place to advertise. A couple of others are Bowers Non NFA board at http://subguns.biggerhammer.net/nonnfaad.cgi and the rec.guns newsgroup (if you have newsgroup access).
There was a Kimber Custom on Auction Arms recently, with a starting bid of $500. One person bid at that price, and it eventually closed at minimum bid.

The bottom line is it's hard to sell a used gun for anything close to new retail, unless the gun is no longer made thus upping the demand for them.
I personally suggest you clean and oil it up nice and sit on it. Eventually it series 70 guns will be "preban" of some stupid law, or gun companies will wake up to themselves and realize that handgun sales are ultimately a legal loser, and then people will trip over themselves to give you a grand and a half for it.

Selling a non-P.O.S. gun, especially for that little, may not be worth it.

I would give you your $480.00 right now, but I live in the PRK and your gun is banned here. And I really really want your gun. I'm with battler, sit on it (unless you have 5 other 1911's we don't know about).

BTW, $480 is too low.
I've just had two very satisfactory pistols sales and bought a brand-spanking new Kimber Compact CDP II that had 100 rounds through it for $800. I did it on www.gunsamerica.com, and couldn't be happier.

There are good FAQs and you can peruse other Kimbers for sale and see what they're asking. As a guide, I sold a 2-year old Springfield "Loaded" full-sized parkerized 1911 for $425. I purchased it two years ago in a local retail gunshop for $530 and it sold in 3 days, so don't be afraid to list higher than you think you'll get and drop later.

Think about it. Most gun owners, especially us fussy 1911 types, probably baby their guns and they last a LONG time when properly cared for.

Good luck!

John Collins
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