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Need photos of steel challenge guns!

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Where can I see some? any links I can go to? Thanks in advance!
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Just click on the Briley link in my signature & scroll down to the picture & description of the "Plate Master".

Shoot steel fast,


Jim O'Young
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Here is a photo of the Colt 38 Super that I shoot steel with. A gunsmith in NC build it for me.

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EGW-guns.com has a photo gallery. you could find so nice ones there
Here's a couple of my 38 super that I use for IPSC. It is actually built from the complete upper of the previouly mentioned Briley plate master, which was married to an STI frame. It is great as an open class gun, and I'm sure it would also be good for steel.

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Many thanks to all of you, now all I need is a machinist who can do the lightning cuts. Its gonna be a limited gun BTW.
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Hi labuyo,
Doing lightening cuts is not a problem. If you send me an e-mail address I'll try and e-mail you a picture of a single stack 9mm I'm building. It has several lightening cuts. I would post a picture here but I have not learned the process yet.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com

nice gun, but one things i just really curious about is how did you shoot a picture of the gun standing on the mag basepad. Now that impressive, if you can balance the gun that way.
No, the gun doesn't balance like that, although that would be kind of cool! I have an old basepad I don't use and it's got a hole in the bottom to accomodate a 1/4 inch bolt which goes thru a hole in my workbench. That way I just take the basepad off a mag, slip the mag on the basepad bolted to the desk, and set the gun down on top of the mag.
Here are a few shots of the
Nowlin I had built as a multi purpose guns.
Gun is built on a STI widebody frame w/ Nowlin Slide and barrel
and adjustable night sights, with extra fitted Nowlin barrel and 3x comp.
caliber is .40
I can use it for ESP in IDPA, Limited 10 in IPSC and make major
or put the comp barrel in and optics and shoot open class
IPSC, Steel etc

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I've got a new gun out that works equally well for IPSC Open and for steel shoots. It's light and fast but still very flat and controllable. It indexes like a limited gun and shoots flat like an open gun. Here's a link www.brazoscustom.com/ProSx.htm
Steel guns

Here's two more..one is an EGW gun...

and since you said limited.
My limited class gun that I shot American Handgunner shootoffs with. pretty standard setup in 38 super...fiber optic front, Kart match barrel, 2lb trigger.
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