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How 'bout trying your old stock bushing in there and see if the problem persists. If so, it's not the bushing. And that EGW angle-bored bushing will probably do the trick anyhow...unless your barrel/link geometry is 'way off specs.
BTW, in order to check for "barrel springing", do this: Put the barrel and bushing into the slide, turn the slide upside down and move the barrel all the way to the rear until it can be pushed down and into the slide's locking lugs. If you can push it into the lugs with a satisfying "clunk" sound, and it doesn't move back up ANY when you take your thumb pressure off the barrel, then no "spring" is present. If it does sping, you can either modify your existing bushing, or wait for the WCPI from EGW.
And our next chapter will be on "how to relieve a barel bushing for spring."...if necessary.

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