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Here is the gist of it. I am thinking about doing my own "trigger job" to my 722. Am I being an idiot?

Bob will do a trigger job on my 722 and take it down to 3 lbs for about 120 dollars when you add shipping in and all of that. I know he will do an excellent job since they built my 722 already (it is a new version) but the more I thought about it, the more I kept asking "why can't I do this?"

Here is where I stand. The revolver has had now 2981 rounds down it. The trigger pull measured 4 lbs 14 onz average on the SA and over 12 lbs (max my gauge will do) on DA. It is interesting to note that this is down from August when it measured 5 lbs 5 onz but I have shot over 1000 rnds since then.

I shoot revolvers mostly double action so the 12 lbs is what I would like to drop. I was also shooting my 38/44 outdoorsman today and it measures 9 lbs DA (even) and 2 lbs 1 onz SA. This is what I would like to aim for.

So, I am not a gunsmith, but I have a very extensive shop (my wife builds furniture and wood works as a hobby). I am responsible for maintaining the equipment and keeping it in tune so I consider myself pretty "handy". I am willing to buy the tools to do this if needed. So do I "open her up" or do I ship it off?
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