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Need to find a Front Sight

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I need to find a Trijicon front sight that is .220 high that will fit a .330" x 65 degree dovetail cut. I looked thru the new Brownell's catalog and couldn't find one. All the front sight I saw were shorter than .220. Did I miss it?

I shot my project gun with a front sight blank, then trimmed the blank to adjust the sight picture to point of impact. Then measured the front sight height at .220. If I cant't find a Trijicon this high, then I will have to send out my trimmed blank sight to have the Trijicon insert installed. Or is there another way? Rear sight is the Heinie slant pro low mount.

Thanks for any assistance. Slo cat
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Have you looked at the sights at MMC? http://www.mmcsight.com They might have the correct height blade.

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Thanks, Jim. I tried this site but it is under construction. But I emailed my front sight requirement to them.
I've done some checking on a having a tritium vial inserted into a sight blank. In case you have to go that route, I've posted what I found below. Hope it helps.

Tooltech Gunsight, Inc. (custom shop for Trijicon)
20 Church St.
Oxford, MI 48371
[email protected]

Cost is $82.50 + $5.00 for a white outline ring (only available if front is NOT serrated). Shipping is $12.00 ups ground for slide only or $7.50 for just the sight. Turn around time is 2-3 weeks. Note: Front sight must have a .125 width.

Innovative Weaponry Incorporated (PT Nightsights)
5050 E Belknap
Haltom City, TX 76117
1 800-334-3573
[email protected]

Cost is 42.50 plus 9.00 for Fed ex 2nd day shipping and handling. Turnaround time is 3 weeks. All sights have a white ring around the dot. The fronts are green.
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Thanks, Hays. I appreciate the information, as it looks like I will have to go this route for my front sight.

I get down to Amarillo every April to shoot the Texas Indoor Pistol Championship. Have I ever seen you at this match?
I had no idea that event was held in Amarillo. Since it's a pretty small city, you'd think I would have heard about it. I'll have to pay more attention next April - it sounds like a lot of fun. I shoot in our local IDPA events, but my attendance is pretty infrequent. I'm lucky if I make one a month.

Good luck on your project. Glad the information was helpful.
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