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Need Uberti help.

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I know this isn't a cowboy action forum, but hopefully someone out there can offer some input. THIS IS NOT A "FOR SALE" ADD, only a request for knowlegable information.

My brother is looking for a rough estimate on his 7.5" Uberti (.44mag Cattleman). I'd estimate it's condition at 90% with all original bluing/ case hardened cylinder etc.

I know it's at LEAST 25 years old, but I don't have the SN handy. He also has a Marlin .44mag carbine about the same age and is looking to get out of that and into a good quality .45 acp... Of course I recommended the 1911

Any ideas on values? I'd like to help him get a decent deal on the set so he'd be able to get a Colt or SA for as little out of pocket as possible.

Thanks guys,

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Per Modern gun values 11th edition
Uberti Cattleman in execellent condition
runs between 200 - 325 depending on the model, but I did not see a 44 mag listed

Marlin carbine (lever action I assume)
excellet condition is 300

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Thanks Eljay!

I couldn't find a .44 mag listed on Uberti's website under ANY model. Not sure if this is rare or not but I thought I'd found it there last year.

I'll pass along the information. Currently I'm trying to sway my brother away from a Glock and toward a Colt or maybe an HK.

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