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On November 8, San Francisco voters will go to the polls to vote on Proposition H. If Proposition H passes, it will prohibit law-abiding San Francisco residents from purchasing firearms—rifles, shotguns and handguns and current law-abiding handgun owners will have 90 days to surrender their handguns to the police.

How can you help? This Proposition H must be more than defeated; it must be crushed by the San Francisco voters. So please contact all your pro Second Amendment / gun friends and all of you contact any Bay Area residents you know and encourage them to vote and vote NO on Proposition H.
Not to be used as a scare tactic but let’s not forget the New Orleans disaster and what happened to those who had no means of protection.

For more information on Proposition H check out this NRA web site:


If you don’t do it who will? Please pass this along to your Pro friends.
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