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Need Your Help: My First SA 1911?

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I'm just getting into 1911s, more for collecting than shooting.

I'm in California, so the variety is limited to due the silly roster law.

However, the Springfield Armory 1911 loaded stainless steel 7+1, #PX9151LCAIGU is occasionally in stock.

My LGS got one in last week and wants $1,149 for a new one. I looked at it in person and I like it. The price is higher than big box stores (which haven't had them in stock for at least a year), but gas and bridge tolls to get there, if they had one, negates any savings in the 1911's price.

What do you think about the collectibility (I'm open to other brands/models) and how well it is likely to maintain value or appreciate, left unfired with original box and paperwork?

Supposedly, the US is going to go into a recession. I haven't been in the gun market during a recession. Is it likely that new 1911 prices will fall and that used 1911s will enter into LGSs due to sellers needing money?

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Thanks, theraptur.

Newbie question: how do I check the frame to slide fit?
Here’s how I check. Others will be along to probably give better input.

With the slide forward, I’ll grasp the front of the slide and twist side to side. A little play between the slide and frame is fine. Then, I’ll twist the rear of the slide. A little play between slide and frame is fine. Then I’ll verify that the slide is not contacting or scrubbing the dust cover. And lastly, I’ll press down on the barrel hood to make sure there’s no play. You don’t want plant there.

Thats how I look at fitment with the slide, frame, and barrel when examining in the store
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