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Never planned for this one!

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You are having a good time with your freind, his wife, your wife and the kids. You get into a heated debate that turns into an argument. You both are almost ready to fight. You know he's got a CCW. He knows you have yours. It seems like he starts to draw. Draw or don't?
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How far apart are you?
IF it got to that point, whitch is more important your life or his friendship?
Originally posted by Gary W Trott:
How far apart are you?
About 3-5 feet apart.

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he draws, i draw. try and beat him to it...might shock some sense into his noggin'.
when your family's around, it's better to be safe than sorry. oh yeah: he should not own a gun.

Nothing like to smell of Breakfree to make my day complete.
If both of you have let an argument advance to the point where you or the other are considering bringing a firearm into play, neither of you should be carrying. Seems there is this little skill called conflict resolution that could have and should have been employeed long before you ever reached the point of your question.
yeah ditto what mark said. you and a "Friend" should not be able to get into a conversation that ends with both parties drawing weapons. that being said, if i was about to get in a fight with a loved one or relative for whatever reason was gonna attack me (drugs/insanity/whatever) at that kinda range i would rather grab his draw hand step on his foot slam my palm under his chin takedown and control from there than shoot him. now thats provided physical parity. if he was some kinda muscle bound circus freak i guess id have no choice to shoot him, but id stress as mark that you need to be able to talk your way out of an argument that extreme alot better if your gonna be packing
It is part of our responcibility as Men, Husbands, Fathers, CWL holders, etc. to walk away from everything that can be walked away from "well before" things come to drawing weapons.. With women and children around, we should leave even the Argument and fist-i-cuffs alone, and call it a day.. -Gilmore
He did grab his weapon. I dicided not to draw for 2 reasons. I was unsure of what he was going to do and didn't think we needed another gun involved. And 2nd behind him was his wife. He grabed his gun and put it on the table and said he wanted to take it outside. I told him to leave. It was a stupid argument. Luckly no one was hurt. But if I had drawn, who knows what might have happened.
And this is a friend?

I sure wouldn't be talking to him anymore. Life is too short--and far too precious--to have to worry about your friend's reactions to you.

If this person is argumentative, and wants to pick a fight, he sure is no friend of mine.

"Be not afraid of any man, no matter what his size;

When trouble rises, call on me and I will equalize."

Time to find a new friend. Why would you want a guy like this around your wife and kids?
I have to ask..was there alcohol involved at all ? When I go out with friends to any gathering, if there is alcohol served and I am even thinking of having any the 45 stays home or else I don't go .
Once I had a friend ( who was drunk ) and was pissed I didn't cover for the lie he told his wife ( he told her he was out with me but he forgot to inform me of this )..anyway she calls looking for him..I have no clue where he is naturally. He finally does come home..they fight ..he leaves and heads to my place to confront me.
He knows I am asleep so he gets in thru the patio door ( apartment ) and starts screaming.." you are dead "or something to that effect. I only had one phone which was in the room he was in..so I grabbed my TZ75 and was waiting to see if whoever it was would come into the bedroom. As I heard the noise get closer , I still did not know who it was. He came around the corner so quick that I planted the muzzle of the TZ75 right into his forehead and he went down. I clicked the safety back on and put it back onto the night stand . It was a very scary moment BUT to this day he still has a scar on his forehead from that front sight.
Boy did he bleed !! I took him home and the next morning I got a call " Hey man what did I do last night ? Looks like I ran into something " . We went to breakfast and I explained what had happened . He pretty much quit drinking after that . Looking back now I would have handled it differently .
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someone's been watching far too many westerns.

1 peter 5:8
John, I have to agree. When drinking, it's best if the .45 is left at home or left untouched. At least for me personally, it seems that this little guy named "Al Cohol" seems to play on my senses.

(Case in point, I *had* a nice, new Sony 27" TV in my bedroom ... <grr> if you get my drift...)


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Agree with MarkW and Cactus.

Certain topics can produce "heated" debates, but EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions no matter how misguided YOU may think they are.
A guy I shoot with and I disagree on a lot of things. I really enjoy some of our debates that often are heated. We both like to win and neither likes to lose. I have NEVER, ever thought about drawing my gun on him and I have never seen any action on his part that I would mistake as such an activity.

If you get to the point of a debate where the heated nature actually becomes anger, then you need to be gone from the place ASAP. The best defense is to NOT BE THERE! At that point, ego is no longer an issue, plus you have your wife and children to look after. What makes you think he will leave witnesses?

If this has any real life application for you airborne420, I suggest you not socialize with that friend.
this topic really doesn't rate all the replies it has been given. including mine.
I can't imagine getting into an arguement that serious unless booze was involved, in which case, neither of you should have been armed. This sounds like an episode of "Cops". Personally, you should walk away before it gets that bad.
Absolutely no way do you draw. By the time you'd know he was really drawing his gun, it'd be too late. If you incorrectly assumed he was drawing his gun, it'd not be good for you.

Obviously, if you're on here posting, whatever happened already resolved itself, and neither of you shot each other.
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