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1: barrel is dirty. is this from factory test firing or someone else ?(NIB from a shop that doesnt have a range)
Clean it

2:A-Zoom 9mm luger snap caps are safe for dry fire?
Well, snap caps are for dry fire, and if they are the same caliber as the gnyou intend to use them in, yes, they are 'safe'

3:stupid ILS lawyer lock will not turn (to locked). i think the key might be too wide, or is there something i have to engage/disengage (read the manual, tried it w/mag in and out = nothing).
I've never tried locking ours. We don't even have a key. Can't help you.

4:what type of ammo for target/range shooting and reliability? i was thinking WINclean, does this actually help keep the gun cleaner?
I wouldn't waste money on "clean" ammo. You should clean your pistol after ever range session. Some ammo is dirtier than others, use what you like. I like PMC, and often use Remington, WWB and Fed AE. Yes, a few are dirty.

5:what do i do as far as cleaning, lube etc. before shooting it?
You clean it, then lube it, the same as any time you clean and lube it.
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