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New 1911

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I just got a new SA loaded( Stainless Target V-12). It looks and shoots great. This is my first 1911, and as I had never shot one before, didn't know what to expect. After putting 150 rds through, I must say that this is a really great pistol. I am an average shot, but managed some nice groups at 10 yards.
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Congratulations and good shooting!! There have been so many of my friends that shot my 1911 and ended up buying one. One of them calls me the enabler because I helped get him hooked. Just doing my part to help the addicts with their 1911 affliction.

"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime feel as indignant as those who are" King Solomon, 10th Century B.C.

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Any SA arms is a great choice.
Customer service is awesome.
They switched out both of my Loadeds Novak Blacks to factory Novak 3 dot GRATIS, even picked up shipping. Now nobody else goes to that far to meet customer satisfaction/perks that I have ever seen. You have fun and enjoy! Tommorrow I get my PX9140L TM. Can't wait. 3's a charm they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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