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NEW 1991A1 Are something else!

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Fed Ex just delivered me two new 1991A1 Stainless Colts with factory Videcki Triggers. These are the tightest best fitting Colts I have ever laid my hands on. You shake them and hear no rattle. They are as tight as a Kimber or a Wilson. Unbelievable! There are no machine marks anywhere. Triggers are great. Only drawback I see on these is the sights are really junk, and the plastic mainspring housing are kind of cheap. Get one before they are all gone.

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Can you be a little bit more specific on which model you are referring to? I am still in the newbie category and I am looking to purchase when I get my permit. I am really interested in Colts for many reasons and I would like to find one that really catches me.

I've been shooting one of these Videcki equipped 1991A1's for a month or so now and love it. I think the 1991A1's are the best "low end" 45 on the market right now. I also understand that Colt is producing a 1991A1 with Bomar sights at a reasonable price. Has anyone actually seen or handled one of these yet? Also, my 1991A1 box had Custom marked on the end, was curious if your two new ones did.
These are marked Model 01091Z1 Custom M1991A1
and are supposed to be CNC machined, and seem to be hand fitted. Great trigger. I have seen the Bomar equipped models, and they are nice. Front site is dovetailed in also. They are a parkerized finish. I like the matte stainless finish better, as it is dark grey, and non-reflective. These are the best entry level 1911's out there I think right about now. One piece Stainless Barrel. You should see how well fitted the slide stop fits to the barrel link and barrel. Super tight lockup.
are you able to post a picture?
Im really kind of in the dark about how to post picture on the forum. But that is what it looks like.
Would love to get a parkerized one with the Videki trigger and Bomar sights. Anybody have any idea what a good price would be? Art G.
OK, I've got a question for you. I just got a new 1991A1 a few months back. The SN is 27914XX. Can you tell me if mine is one of the new CNC produced ones? And no, it doesn't have the new Videcki trigger, just the older black plastic one that doesn't fit to well, as I'm sure you've seen on them. Still though, it does seem tight and also is a good shooter and very reliable. My first one, I got it back in '91 when they first came out, had cheap plastic grips that didn't even fit correctly. The newer rubber ones are alot nicer than those older ones. I can't remember how tight it was compared to this one, but I still never had a problem out of it and it feed everything just fine.

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I'm sure this is not a definitive answer and may be way off base, but, I have noticed in the past few Colts I've seen (XSE, 1991A1Videki, 1991A1) that Colt appears to have changed the throating on the barrel. Don't know exactly how to describe it, but it is different from anything I've seen. Appears that they started with a typical throating, then made some sort of straight ramp straight up the throat. In their defense, all three of my new guns seem to be very reliable. I also have a 1991A1 that is very tight, was purchased in the past couple of months, and has the new style ramp. This gun was purchased "after" I picked up my 1991A1 with the Videki trigger, which also has the new style ramp. Now whether this ramp has anything to do with Colt's new machining, I don't know. But I do know that the last few new Colt's I've seen, all models, have had this.
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I believe Colt throats the barrel so the gun will feed hollow points reliably. This is a hand honing proceedure I believe. Mine came that way also. But not on the earliest models, huh? 737-200
Holy old thread resurrection Batman!!! This has got to be some kind of record (14 yrs) :rofl:
:eek: you mean Colts making new guns :eek:
I think it is great that he is using the search function. Just goes to show you whatever you post is here for eternity :)
I am not allowed to pull up usefull old threads any more. I am sorry for any inconvience I have cause any issues.

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