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New 1991A1s?

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Hi all, i have be looking at this forum on and off for some time now, and i did a searsh today about the Trigger on the 1991A1s, and i found an old topic and some one said that the new 1991A1s have a Videki Triggers? and they said that the new 1991A1s are made better.
So what i would like to know is, do's any one have a photo of the new 1991A1s, or do they look that same ass the old one's?
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Probably you saw me describing my new 1991A1. It is a custom run made for Lew Horton by the Colt Custom Shop that includes BO-MAR sites, a Videki Trigger and wooden double diamond grips.

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Hit Dude,

The new Colt 1991A1s are quality pistols. Much better, I believe than the earlier ones. They don't all have Videcki triggers though. The standard trigger is still plastic. The Videcki trigger was a custom shop option. Don't know if it's still available.hth-TR
The 1991 has become the goldmine for Colt. And for good reason, its cheaper than any quality 1911. Its more reliable from any era of its production. Then any from the same production era. Its top notch in non custom or custom configuration. And the new stainless Trophy is following one of its much younger siblings. The 91 will be a historical firearm in the masses someday. It made the mark on the Colt people the first day they shot and bought one. Which is one of its greatest tributes. It still can draw another Colt fan on its initial meeting with a newbie. I owned a single 70 series before my initial meeting of a 91 in 97. I jumped on the Colt wagon so fast that my head spun for months. I think it is the greatest product or idea Colt has come up with. Since taking John Brownings 1900. And continuing until the 1911. As far as handguns go, you can't go wrong on any era. Please if anyones got a 1991 1991. I have very early 1911s I might deal. And then again they had success on the enhanced and XS models. Which the 91 saw die as fast as they regained. The greatness of this firearms icon. So the answer is yes get the special trigger or hammer or slide variation if you can find it. And you won't be disappointed in storing or firing. This greatest of achievments, when so many were out to take your early designers. GUN
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Thank you Tachyon, and TangoRomeo.
Now can any one here tell me why a company like Colt, or Spingfield, can't just make a M1911A1.. What i'am saying is a (Real) M1911A1, no plastic parts, no integerl locking system, just a good old M1911A1.
Now i know some one is going to say that Colt is comeing back out with the M1911A1, i know that, but there are only going to be makeing 4000 of them. And at tops only 4000 people are going to be able to have one, that if there is not some guy out there that says hey i think ill buy a 100 of them, then sell then in 10-years.
So if any one out there can tell me why they just don't make a good old M1911A1, then tell me plz, i would realy like to know.
same reason ford wont just make an old 1964 mustang or dodge wont make a brand new 1969 charger.what that reason is i have no idea.
You suppose? I would think that the 1911 is not in the same boat as a vintage auto. I'd say it's more like an engine. My new truck has a 350, V8 which has been around a long time too.

I guess my hope is that Colt will decide that producing a fairly accurate rendering of the original 1911 would pay off in spades. Talk about a platform on which to build. One nice thing about a "stock" 1911 is that it can be customized. And don't we love to customize.

I imagine I'll stand in line and try to get one of the 4000 that are to be made. If I don't perhaps I'll get a chance at one of the next 400,000. Hopefully Colt will get back in the game and make it so.
Redzone, are you saying you would like to find a M1991A1 made in 1991? I would have been able to hook you up back a few years ago. But if I still had that '91A1 made in '91 right now I probably wouldn't get rid of it. I had one of the first ones made. I only gave $325 for it NIB, back in '91 of course....just after I graduated from high school and before I went into the ARMY. It was very nice and a great shooter, as good as the other two newer ones I've had. The grips were pretty crappy though. They were some kind of cheap plastic, not like the rubber ones of today, also they seemed to not fit well either.

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