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New Boron Carbide finish on my custom Kimber

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I got my slide from my SDM custom Kimber Target back from Bodycote I had them put their new Boron Carbide coating on the Stainless slide. So far I'm most impressed. The finish is a dark grey black it looks nice and seems to be as tough as nails. I polished the flats with 1000 grit wet/dry and bead plasted the rounds. The slide came back the same way. Nice shiny sides with matt rounds. After hundreds of draws from my Kydex holster there is not a mark on the finish. Pretty darn impressive.


Mike Benedict
Talon Tactical Holsters www.talontactical.com

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Mike, does the BC coat come out black all the time? I have a stainless 91 that I would like to get coated, but was thinking of a hardchrome finish. This is a duty weapon and I want high visibility to catch a bad guy's eyes, and maybe make them think twice. That sounds logical, doesn't it?

How would you rate service from Bodycote? Was turnaround time decent? How did you send the weapon? Did you have any internals coated? I was thinking about having the hammer/sear/triggerbow coated to reduce friction.

Congratulations on a fine looking piece. I'd definitely enjoy owning that one.

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Hey Mike

Keep us posted on the performance of this finish. I love hardchrome and all but I wouldn't mind having some different color put into my 1911 stable.

Ross T.
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