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New bushing for a Series 70 govt.

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My series 70 govt model's barrel collet is begining to prevent the slide from locking forward into battery. Can I expect a satisfactory "fit" to my stock barrel without machining? Brownell's has a "drop in" bushing that is advertised to fit.Has anyone tried one?
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Depends on how much wear there is on the OD of the barrel, but generally, they'll fit okay, and lock up decently, providing reasonable accuracy.

The best bet is to get an oversize bushing, and have it professionally fit by a Good Smith. That will provide year's of reliable and accurate service.
I agree with JD as usual. Having one fit to YOUR gun is the best bet

As a result of reading and posting here for a wile we are coming out with a Thick flange "drop in" bushing. The Bushing is intended for slides with a bore of .700. We have only measured one that was .699 and most are .700 to 701 unless you get into the "less expensive guns"

The barrel dia for colt para and springfield
is .5785 as a rule and the bore of the bushing will accomidate this.
(I have not measured the new one pc. Springfield barrel though)

add off.

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You really ought to mike your barrel, but my old Mk IV's unaltered barrel in the collet bushing measures .579", which would do fine in a drop-in solid bushing. Most of them are cataloged at .580" or .581". I have a (fitted) MGW and it is of good quality. I haven't seen an EGW bushing except for the blend type which I do not care for the style of, but it looked well made. I know their "rock hard" sears are.
I've been told here that the current "Colt Factory" 1991A1 bushing will fit just fine, with no alterations to the Colt collet barrel or the 1991 bushing (not a "match fit", but as good as a stock factory gun). I have one on the way from Brownells, I intend to try it in several of my series 70's to see how it fits.
Yes, it should fit fine.
The OD will probably be .697 ish and the Id around .581, it should go right in.
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