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My main CCW has been my .380 Colt Pony, and for as long as I have owned it I have been on the lookout for a small 1911 to use for carry as well, but I have been so happy with my Pony I haven't searched too hard.

Here is my Pony....

Pony with another friend...

I was hearing about the Defenders and New Agents, so I decided to search for one, and in the midst of searching I came across this stainless Officer's Model.

and the search was over....

Here she is on the bottom right with her other family members...

She was used but not too terribly abused (idiot scratch).

I made a few changes to her for comfort and reliability, and have so far put only about 100 rounds through her and no failures so far....

My Pony will continue to get plenty of holster time, but it's nice to have another carry option.
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