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I just bought a used ss champion. The gun has never been shot.

Question 1
Is there an easy way too disassemble and reassemble?

Question 2

would a full length guide rod work in this gun?

Question 3

What mags work the best?

Question 4

Any special maint? Lube ets.

This is my first springfield.
Thanks mike

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shotwell, first thing I would do would be to call SA and get an instruction manual. This should explain disassembly and lubrication. Would shoot the gun first. It may not need a new mag. But if it does, Wilson and McCormicks seem to be the favorites on this forum. SA has changed the guide rod system around on this gun a few times, depending on the model. Older guns, including a Supertuned I owned, had the recoil spring and plug with the two piece feed ramp. Newer loaded models come with a 1 piece feed ramp and the full length guide rod. You may already have one if it is a newer gun.

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I've got the 2001 park'ed Champion:


-Make sure it's unloaded.

-Drop the mag, pull the slide back to where you can remove the slide stop.

-Move the slide forward toward the muzzle making sure to wrap your fingers underneath in order to hold the recoil assembly in place and remove the slide.

-CAREFULLY remove the recoil spring, GR, & plug (my spring feels like a 35 pounder so I ALWAYS wear eye protection).

-Flip the barrel link down against the barrel and slide the barrel out the muzzle end of the slide.

- Reassembly is just the same thing in reverse order ( Making sure to keep your fingers wrapped tight around the recoil system as you replace the slide).


I'm not sure if a FLGR is available for the Champion but I believe Wilson offers one listed to fit the Springfield "Compact." Personally I haven't felt the need for one.


I prefer CMC Shooting Stars, but your particular gun might work better with Wilsons, Metalform, or GI surplus. Honestly, it's trial and error here.


I always lube a new gun before it's first range trip. The field stripping involved lets me see potential problems and gives me some piece of mind as well. Any time I shoot my guns they get cleaned and lubed as soon afterward as possible. If they've sat unused for a long period (6 months or so) I "try" to field strip them and do a quick cleaning just for the Hell of it... maybe just boredom on my part though.

By all means, call SA and get an owners manual. I don't have the phone number handy but I'm sure it's listed on their website under a "contacts" area somewhere.

If you have any experience at all with the 1911 design you'll be fine. Other than the bull barrel and lack of a bushing on the new models they're pretty much like the full size guns.

Good luck with the Champion, it's a great shooter!


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Yes...There are one-piece guide rods available. If the pistol is truly unfired or ffired little, you'll have to do some work getting it smoothed up. I use a grease liberally, at least I DID before I got it smoothed out...I like the Rig +P Stainless. Applied with q-tips or equal, it's easy enough to reach all the spots that need it. At least you won't have to use any cold-blue if you need to do any "smoothing" of rough parts. Contact Brownells for parts...They'll either have or get them for you. You might want to go ahead and get a few parts but if not, there is PLENTY of info on these guns in the archives...or, at least there was...never can tell...Good Luck and enjoy the pistol...

ps...I'd go ahead and get the first 1000rds together to get that thing smoothed out with...S&B is good as well as the Federal and Winchester offerings in low-priced ammo...That way you'll have some cases to reload and those 3 types of ammo ran pretty well in mine...Don't bother with the JHPs and stuff unless you just have plenty cash to spend...If it runs reliably with the ball ammo, you'll be plenty well armed...and of course if it's NOT reliable, doesn't matter what kinda' ammo you have...Mine ran perfectly for 6-700rds and then the extractor and ejector wore out...I polished the sharp edges off and replaced those parts and it's running now...I did spend a LOT of time with it though...Have fun and be safe...


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