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New Colt Gold Cup

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Back in June, I spied a brand new Colt Gold Cup at a LGS and, since I'd wanted one for years, I snagged it. The price was MSRP minus a discount for being a veteran. When I got it home and field stripped it; after a proper lube job, I started the reassembly process. When it came time to reinsert the slide stop, I couldn't get it to seat. In my efforts, I managed to scratch it ever so slightly. Mad at myself, I reasoned that, since I didn't like the finish anyway, I'd just get it reblued. After a bit of research, I found a gentleman about an hour from me and took it to him. It was inspected carefully and, after I showed him the scratch, he said, "That's nothing but, I'm with you. The finish is not too good." The price was set and he said, "I'll call you in three months or so."

Unfired & slightly scratched, it looked like this:
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory

On every roll-mark, you could feel raised metal. That surprised the 'smith that Colt didn't do a bit more surface prep. He said he'd fix that without marring the depth of the roll-marks. He called the other day and said it was ready. Here are the results of his efforts:
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Rectangle

The raised metal around the the roll marks is gone and the finish is now similar to Colt's Royal Blue. He did a fine job.

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Just wait 'til you scratch it again... ;)

Okay that was mean. :sneaky: Seriously, it looks great and you're quite fortunate to still have an actual gunsmith near you who can do a great job refinishing firearms. Most gunsmiths nowadays won't even handle a refinish job unless it's a basic beadblast of stainless or a shake n' bake coating. And that's the ones aren't simply idiots who only know how to snap together a Glock or AR.
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