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I have read that most TRS Commanches won't slingshot and those that do just barely. Mine will slingshot and I would say more easily than "barely"
Just curious if LB has made a change or mine is just a tolerance stack anomaly.

The slide unlock has gotten just slightly easier after 300 rounds. It is still TIGHT TIGHT compared to my Ed Brown SF, Kimber Ultra, or SA GI.

It has not failed to slingshot so far after 300 rounds of WWB 230g JPH, or approx 35 attempts. I used slide release about 6 -7 times.

Zero failures to do anything.... except 300 failures to dissapoint :rock:

Of my 4 1911s, this one is tied for favorite with the Ed B SF. I have 2 5" and a 3" so the LB was the winner in my search for a "commander" size, the tie breaker after many considerations was that the hard chrome won out over stainless all other finishes available.

I will probably replace the SA with it as my primary CW very soon after I buy 50 rounds of my PP ammo and run thru it for verification.
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