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Picked up a new Colt Defender on Saturday.
Took it right to the indoor range with 1 box each of the following:
Winchester White box, UMC, S&B, and Wolf.
All fmj, 230gr.
Also took 1 box of Winchester White Box 230gr jhp.

I picked up two Shooting Star mags, and wanted to try them out also.

The gun was controllable, but the recoil was noticable.
My other .45 is a S&W 457, and it feels almost like a 9mm when shooting it.
The S&W does weigh 1/2 pound more than the Defender, though.
I had previously tried a Officer's sized Charles Daly.
That gun was almost as heavy as a full size 1911, and the recoil seemed as bad, or worse than the Defender.

I put a total of 130 rounds through the gun, before my time was up.
It's a good thing I ran out of time, because the bottom of my wrist was sore for two days, from the upward torque of the recoil.

I've never been good at shooting from a rest, and this gun was no exception. I could hit a 8.5x11 piece of paper at 25yds, but I was all over the paper.

On a reduced B27 silhouette, from a Weaver stance, I could easily keep all shots in COM at that range.
At ten yards, large 1 hole groups were the norm.
Interestingly, the gun was very accurate with the Wolf ammo.
It also seemed to favor the Winchester jhp.

No failures of any kind with the two factory mags, or with the two Shooting Stars.
5 mags of Wolf, 3 mags of jhp, with the rest divided among the other 3 types of ammo.

I really like the gun.
The finish and workmanship are top notch.
There are some sharp edges that I will probably work on at some point.
I didn't care for the looks or concealability of the Hogue grips, so I just installed some hard rubber Officer's grips.
Haven't shot it yet, to see if the new grips affect controllability.

It really looks like Colt has got the hang of making a 3" barrel .45 that works.
I can't believe how light this gun is!

It is interesting that the same holsters that fit my Kahr PM9, work with the Defender.
It even fits in a small Belt Pak from Uncle Mike's,
that's basically designed to hold snub .38 sized guns.
The Defender is a little snug pulling out, but it fits!

Just shows the genius of JMBs design. :D

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I had my Defender`s edges rounded off, dehorned as some would call it which made things MUCH better.
I also put some "Slim grips" on to aid in concealability(?) and was quite pleased with them. I didn`t have any more problems with recoil than I did with the stock Hogues, it just seemed to carry better. All in all, I`ve been very pleased with the Defender but found that the 200 gr. Gold Dot`s ,for some reason, turn it into a single shot pistol. Chokes and gags on them every time. :mad:
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