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Another station heard from.

Mainspring housing pins are screw machine parts, probably bought by the gross for even a small manufacturer like Wilson; not individually made for the gun like screws on a Purdey. But yours is more eccentric than any of the half dozen I picked up at random.

The irregularities of checkering are most likely due to uneveness of the raw frame. My local 'smith machine checkers frontstraps and curses the makers for sloppy contouring that makes extra work for him on every job. CNC machining is not a guarantee of absolute precision.

The uneven magazine well bevel appears to be due to an irregularity in the broaching of the magazine well. Note the vertical lines just where the right side bevel goes astray. See above.

The hammer's overtravel is stopped by contact with the grip safety. It comes back HARD when the slide recoils, not like racking by hand. A painted surface is not going to hold up well under impact, thus the exposed steel at the contact point, even though you do not see wear at rubbing contacts... yet.

The exposed hole under the thumb safety is part and parcel of the current fad for high hand hole beavertail grip safeties. If you put on a very high beavertail, you have to swamp out the back edges of the frame to blend the contours. Then you have to cut back the thumb safety plate so it doesn't overhang the edge of the frame. Then it uncovers the hole when the manual safety is engaged because the hole HAS to be RIGHT THERE and you have reduced the size of the safety back plate that would normally cover it. The only reason it doesn't show up on all guns is the variation from piece to piece and how heavy the man blending it all in gets on the grinder. That isn't a CNC job.

Look through some American Handgunner magazines. You will see similar cosmetic flaws from every maker and customizer in the business in Ichirio Nagata's centerfold photos.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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