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New Executive Order - FYI

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FYI - The President has issued a new Executive Order to the DOJ that will attempt to circumvent Congressional legislation…….

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A couple of the groups they were targeting were the ghost guns and the AR builders. I know of guys that would buy 4-5 AR lowers years ago when they were dirt cheap, then put them together from parts and sell them online. I doubt many do that now because you can buy and AR so cheap. But, it is pretty easy for them to track AR lowers like they do the 80% frames. Anybody buying several is then a target.

I know that Armslist made a deal with ATF to report suspicious activity so I suspect that method of sale is pretty much gone. Not many people going to be advertising a bunch of guns. So, if their goal is get rid of hobby builders I think they have accomplished that.

I am thinking gun owners should be getting reparations because they are discriminating against us as a class of people. Maybe $5 million each like the plan in San Fransisco? I mean, I was born a gun and now they are destroying the way I was born....my heritage and all....
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What's sickening is millions the NRA pays Wayne LePierre and spends on BoD conventions.
That is long since over. He is under a microscope now and has been for 5 full years. He does not spend a dime without the New York AG looking for a way to prosecute him or others in the NRA. So, forget about it. Kind of like Trump, he did a lot of stuff that was questionable but on balance he saved us from dramatic new bans and the NRA was the catalyst and lobbyist for every single state that has a CCW or permit less carry.

The GOA and SAF joined the legal side about a dozen years ago and now are often the lead agency. But they do not have a ground game, they do not even have offices, or lobbyists of people in the states to campaign for changes in the law, the NRA does.

Dontate to any you want, just do not do anything. But take a long look at where we were, where we are, and who can do the best for us down the road. The GOA and SAF both get donations from me every year, the NRA usually does not, yet I send donations to the NRA Whittington Center, which is not controlled by the NRA in anyway, they are a totally separate and funded totally different.

My local gun club just announced that the NRA is giving $5,000 or so in a grant to buy ammo for youth events both NRA and others. Funding & Grants | Range Services (nra.org)

And the NRA has given more that $457.000,000 in range improvement grants since 1990. Grants | NRA Foundation

And, the Friends of the NRA have given more than $600,000,000 since 1992 in range and shooting funds. Here is a link for a $6,000 grant to a range I used for a decade or more. It was just one table, a trash can and a hill for a backstop for 50 years. Now it is a great range. Free to the public for a $3 pass or free to anyone with a fishing or hunting license. NRA Donates to Shooting Range Project | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (wildlifedepartment.com)

Here is one where the NRA gave $30,000 for 12 ranges in South Dakota, these are free to the public, on public land. NRA Awards 12 Public Shooting Range Grants | NRA Family

In Oklahoma they built state of the art ranges on 12 public hunting areas. I have used 5 of them going back 40 years, they were nothing, just a table and a backstop, now they are as good as any private range. Did I mention they are free to anyone with a hunting or fishing license or anyone over 65 and kids? All of that happened on Wayne's watch. If he stole money or wasted money illegally, send him to jail. WMA Shooting Ranges | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (wildlifedepartment.com)

Plant Ecoregion Plant community Vertebrate Natural landscape

This next picture shows the covered pistol range and the rifle range on the right, the 6,000 grant above was matching funding for this one. I went there 40-50 times when it was just the one table and a hillside, no target frames nothing.

Lexington WMA | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (wildlifedepartment.com)

Cloud Sky Plant Plant community Ecoregion

Here is a pic of the pistol range.
Leaf Tree Leisure Public space Sky

And a pic of that rifle range on the right.
Land lot Slope Landscape Soil Grass

Here is a pic of the NRA funded or matching funded ranges on public land. Again free if you have a hunting or fishing license, or over 65, or disabled, $3 otherwise. A bunch of them. All over the state.

Baize Rectangle Billiard table Billiards Indoor games and sports

A few more of the NRA ranges.

Cherokee, adjacent to 55,000 acres of public hunting land. When I used it, one table and a pile of dirt for a backstop. With the NRA money, look at it now.
Sky Ecoregion Land lot Car Vehicle

NRA money, Federal Ammo Tax money, and license revenue money at work. Oklahoma gets ZERO tax dollars for the Wildlife Department, ranges or anything under their umbrella. It is 100% funded by hunting and fishing licenses and grants. Here they are at work on one range.

Sky Cloud Vehicle Tree Truck

I can post a few more dozen photos of where NRA money was spent the last 10 years or so, but you get the idea. I paid $25 a month for a long time to become a Life NRA member about 25 years ago, and during some election years send them $50, just like I do SAF and GOA. Otherwise I have never been affiliated with them. I know about the money actually spent because I an avid hunter for most of my 74 years and even duting military service came back to hunt most years. I have used most of these ranges and camped/hunted on most of the public hunting areas where they are located.

I think people get hung up on that Wayne deal and do dumb stuff, by forgetting that he is just one guy that got caught stealing. That said, like Trump, he did a lot of dumb stuff, the important stuff he did very, very well. And if it was actually stealing he would be in jail, lots of people tried to put him there and to destroy the NRA. Not because of their role in lawsuits, but their ground games which has led the fight in every state that has gotten CCW permits or constitutional carry the last 15=20 years. It was not just a bunch of us, it was the NRA lobby and getting people out in the states to push for those laws. You cannot take that away from them, they led those things to happen, in every state.

So, SAF and GOA can file the lawsuits and do things that they only need one office to do, but they cannot or do not have actual people on the ground in every state. That is why we need them. If they fail, the Congress will eventually be taken over by the Dems and they will legislate away much of the second amendment. The only real protection in the short term is the makeup of the Supreme Court, put there by Trump, who go elected thanks to the NRA.

My 2 cents. I paid $750 for my life membership 20-25 years ago, I now have a dozen free ranges in my state. One an hour away. One 10 miles from where I hunt deer, and two of them on the way to my hunting spot. Just saying, money well spent. Time to get over the Wayne hate and think about what is best for the second amendment.

My 2 cents.


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Here's another "w.t.f? You gotta' be KIDDING me!": Son of Colorado Mass Shooting Victim Taking a Page From Sandy Hook and Suing Gun Manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Now, not only is the lawsuit ridiculous, but (here's the ROTFL): they deemed the maroon "incompetent to stand trial" - and he had an AR pistol to shoot them with. Yep, he was a sweet, kind & loveable Muslim that apparently passed his NICS check and any waiting period as well.

Sure. Uh-huh.
When they paid money to settle the Sandy Hook lawsuit, they opened the door to lawsuits against every gun maker and dealer in the country. Dumb move.
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The NRA has also provided a lot of financial support to our Club / Range here in MT. Basically it is a question of need, potential value delivered and someone good at grant applications.
I don't know if they need to be good at writing the grant requests or if they just need to get to know their state level NRA guy. Our club is about 1,400 members and was a NRA mandatory club until recently. Now you can be a member of the NRA, GOA, or SAF, does not matter as long as you are a part of saving the second amendment. A constitutional right is supposed to be free, it is not.

Every year our club gets $5,000 for the NRA Youthfest I think the call it, a really good deal for kids under 18. They spend about 50 minutes in shotgun, rifle, air gun, tomahawk, archery, black powder, land and nav, and of course all the safety implications. Much like the hunter safety course but more fun. My 2 grandsons got to shoot a 50 bmg last time, big deal to them.

Also, the NRA provides this year $5,000 in ammo for other shooting events, a big deal these days.

The state level NRA guys also has contacts with the National Shooting Sports Foundation and CPM and places like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation who give a million per year I think toward ranges and shooting. CPM for example gives us the free ammo for the Garand matches. I have gone to a bunch where I paid a $10 fee and shot two matches, pretty cheap ammo wright there.

Most of that money requires a mandatory NRA affiliation which just means they fire and NRA approved gun match or training of some type and have all the NRA safety protocols in place. Pretty simple deal really, you just must have a certain number of certified range officers and a certified match director.

Just saying, they are going to give millions of NRA money to gun clubs and state agencies every year. The key is getting your name on the list. They also play a key role in other areas. For example, I became licensed by my state as a CCW instructor first in 1996. I could not apply to the state bureau of investigation for that license until after, I became an NRA certified instructor. It did not matter how many other certifications I had or shooting schools, the NRA certification is the only one they would accept for that license.

So, if you want money for your local range improvement, call the state level NRA guy and get on the list. These ranges in Oklahoma are as good as it gets. And for a retired guy during the week, you might be the only guy there.

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