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New Executive Order - FYI

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FYI - The President has issued a new Executive Order to the DOJ that will attempt to circumvent Congressional legislation…….

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Let AG Garland/ Brandon start by sending Hunter to prison for lying and illegally obtaining a handgun. “They Hate us”, plain and simple.
Biden and Garland do this and maybe I will listen to them.

Prosecute Hunter

Not to mention his wife (dead brother's widow) dumped the gun in a dumpster.

So much for safe storage
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What exactly is Captain Ice Cream bloviating about this time? I read that article twice, and I'm still not entirely sure what they mean by "more background checks" and "unlicensed dealers."

We already get background check with every gun we buy in a dealer or gun show, and dealers without proper paperwork are already being shut down by this "administration."
Ex FFL dealers

Folks who lost or let lapse their FFL
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Originally written about Reagan, but it's more fitting today.
How does Don Henley like Biden?

Asking for a friend
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