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New Executive Order - FYI

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FYI - The President has issued a new Executive Order to the DOJ that will attempt to circumvent Congressional legislation…….

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"Gun Grab EO", but he can't name it like that. ;)

So, I just don't get it, what FFL is not doing BC/NICS (when law says they need to) ?

What FFL does not know how a 4473 works?

The plan will call on Attorney General Merrick Garland to shore up the rules for federally licensed gun dealers so they know they are required to do background checks as part of the license.
The path for them is to create new "norms", so that 5yrs from now they can say "...but we have been doing this for a long time now, nothing new here".
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If there's an ad ................... advertising a product ....................... that so happens to be a firearm ..................... the lefty anti-gun nuts will say it's marketing to kids.

You don't need any more info about the ad than that.

They want guns gone, just as they want oil and gas gone.

A Revolution is likely to come, so be ready for it.
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Small aside, some of my serialized stuff starts with "FJB".
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Biden doesn’t do anything without being told exactly what to do. The communists running the administration set policy on everything. He is just the pen and the phone.

Been this way for years…. “Meet the new boss—same as the old boss!”
Non govt targets are ez to zero. ;)
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Another planet killing rock has high probability before Red Giant Sun, thus the timeframe to "move to Mars" has been significantly reduced, likely to the point of not doable. ;)
In Brandon's case, a lobotomy would be pointless, there is nothing to remove., and as for the enema, he'd disappear completely. Give the old fool some cookies and a dry Depends, and he is good to go.

They can at least do the "change Depends" routine. ;)
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GOA has a decent write-up on this BS. --> here

But what does this section mean
Expanding the statutory definition of FFLs (Federal Firearms Licenses) allowed the Biden Administration a strong excuse to vastly expand federal regulations and require anyone who sells more than one gun to do so through an FFL "
What does the "more than one" part mean? More than one in the sale? More than one per year? More than one in a lifetime?
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I've thought for a long time that this is part of the master plan. Keep us spending money on lawsuits and that's money we can't spend on guns or ammo.
For counties that do not have a reconciliation max time limit, yes, anti's run the clock which costs money, and they have plenty of it.

All locales really should have a 1yr max time limit for all civil cases.
I thought a ‘mass shooting’ was when 3+ were killed.
They keep changing the definition to fit the news cycles.

"mass shooting" also includes the injured-but-alive people too.

Next month they'll include animals and doors in that definition.
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America is much less safe now because of a weak incompetent president. Our national security is at risk

No worries, Gen Mark Milley will send black roses to Putin for the russia jet downing a US drone.

It's not russia by itself, its the Russia Iran China alliance (aka "RIC") that the US cannot handle. The RIC is currently doing joint exercises across air/land/sea !
In Brandon's case, a lobotomy would be pointless
I would pay good money to see some quack doc drive an ice pick through the corner of his eye and into his brain.

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The problem is that we are hard working, law abiding citizens as in former days of the greatness of this nation. We don't riot, burn or pillage. At the cusp of the matter, I can only do my best to live and die a free man.
You describe exactly what the corrupt Govt wants. We need to draw line in the sand, and when Govt crosses that line, all bets off. That line is your shoe size away.
And our current state in many ways resembles the state of Germany as Hitler rose to power...
All the key signs are there:
forcing vaccines
pushing propaganda BS ideas in the schools
weaponizing govt dept's against the citizens
fraud elections
falsely jailing people
govt witch hunts

on and on the list goes.

one shoe size away from next Revolution.
The NRA needs to stop giving away $70,000 pick up trucks and $12,000 worth of firearms in sweepstakes and use that money for lawsuits against unjust , illegal, gun control legislation like the 2nd Amendment (SAF) and Gun Owners of America (GOA ) . And Wayne does not need to wear $2000 tailored suits to do his job !!
If $100k brings in $150k of new or upgraded memberships............ etc.
I not know their financial model or balance sheet.
That said, I too want NRA to do more, as well as GoA and all the other gun clubs.
Like I always say, 2A needs to unite, otherwise it's long battle of agony.
I however am taking on some things at State level, moving the ball in the right direction, hopefully.
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