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New Executive Order - FYI

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FYI - The President has issued a new Executive Order to the DOJ that will attempt to circumvent Congressional legislation…….

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Additionally, the president will call on the Federal Trade Commission to issue a public report analyzing how gun manufacturers market to minors when selling guns.
Since when can minors legally purchase guns? And if 16yr olds are mature enough to be allowed to vote, why can't they buy guns?

He will also direct Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to work to reduce the loss or theft of guns during shipments between federally licensed dealers.
Start with UPS, FedEx, DHL and other shippers who ''lose'' guns!
You and I know the whole "weapon of war" thing is ludicrous. By their definition traditional bolt-action hunting rifles are also "weapons of war", since they are direct descendants of the infantry rifles that killed millions of soldiers in several wars over the past century and a half. And let's not forget that the quintessential hunting caliber, the .30-'06 was the standard US military cartridge for many decades. Civilian AR-15s are no closer to being military-issue M16s than grandpa's Remington 700 is to being an M1917.

But I guess the antis are right... that bayonet lug and flash hider makes all the difference.
Wasn't one of Feinswine & Schumer's bright ideas years ago to ban ''any rifle that COULD BE MADE to accept a telescopic sight'', which would make it a SNIPER rifle?
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From GOA:

"Now, Biden’s executive order gives the ATF the ability to expand their illegal national gun registry by forcing private citizens who sell their guns to do so through an FFL."

UBCs, here we come.
Many states already do that. But here in PA, the PICS background check does not contain any info about the firearm(s). The only record for longguns (which can still be sold FTF w/o BGC), sold by or thru a dealer, is the 4473 and A&D book which stays with the dealer. Unless that changes. 😒

Handgun sales/record is a different story. 🤬
Originally written about Reagan, but it's more fitting today.

O’ beautiful, for spacious skies,
But now those skies are threatening.
They’re beating plowshares into swords,
For this tired old man that we elected king.
What's sickening is that we have to scrape up the money for these lawsuits while these states can use our own taxpayer money to fight them.
What's sickening is millions the NRA pays Wayne LePierre and spends on BoD conventions.
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Biden's proposed budget would throw billions at ATF amid controversial new gun ownership rules
Biden's proposed budget would throw billions at ATF amid controversial new gun ownership rules | Fox News
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