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New Executive Order - FYI

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FYI - The President has issued a new Executive Order to the DOJ that will attempt to circumvent Congressional legislation…….

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From GOA:

"Now, Biden’s executive order gives the ATF the ability to expand their illegal national gun registry by forcing private citizens who sell their guns to do so through an FFL."

UBCs, here we come.
Expect more of this which we will have to sue for.
I've thought for a long time that this is part of the master plan. Keep us spending money on lawsuits and that's money we can't spend on guns or ammo.
GOA has a decent write-up on this BS. --> here
But what does this section mean
What does the "more than one" part mean? More than one in the sale? More than one per year? More than one in a lifetime?
Pick your worst nightmare.
1 - 4 of 113 Posts