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New FEG Hipowers

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Anybody else seen the GTC ads for the new Hungarian FEG pistols? According to the ad, the pistols have 3 locking lugs and are manufactured from, "Extremely dense, high-grade steel" and "Newly designed springs for lifetime service." I'm tempted to try one. Anyone have any inside info on this one?
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the couple i have seen and handled had the worst finish i have seen,looked like they were painted.also the trigger really needed work.

Pardon the long post, but I want to save you guys some trouble. I had one of the new FEGs for one day and took it back. In my opinion it is not an improvement--rather a step backwards. They totally changed the way the barrel links to the frame. Pardon me for lacking the correct terms here, but they totally eliminated the BHPs means of mating the barrel to the recoil spring guide. On the BHP and previous FEG clones, the recoil spring guide has a sort of circular end that sits in a semi-circular recess below the base of the chamber. The new FEG has that whole section of the barrel cut off! They replaced it with a simple shelf that an angled edge on the recoil spring guide sits in. The guide is free to slide side-to-side, and the spring sits arched at an angle rather than fairly straight. Which leads me to....

On mine the barrel sat at an angle in the slide! I got to inspecting all of this because the rear sight was drifted off to one side. Clearly they realized the barrel was off center and so they just drifted the sight! Their new linking setup is lop-sided, so I suspect the drift is inevitable. The frame is different internally to accomodate the new link design (or rather lack there-of). I tried installing an upper assembly from a BHP and it did not fit--the new FEG barrel hits the place where the new shelf links to the frame.

Needless to say I was very disappointed. I took it back and my dealer graciously exchanged it. He was upset too, given that he really liked the older FEGs. I cannot imagine what would make a company take a great design they were already setup to produce, and decide to make it poorly. They are only saving a couple steps in manufacture and a little metal. It isn't like they saved any equipment costs.

Hope this helps someone make a better choice. At least I am not out any money thanks to my dealer being a great guy!

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the new ones just plain look crappy to me.

I bought one of the older ones a long time ago and it was a great peice both in function and in looks, I checked out a new one and like was posted earlier, looked painted.
Do these new pistols even take origional BHP mags?

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