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New Gold Cup, not a Trophy?

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I was in a local gun store yesterday and spotted a blue Gold Cup ($799.00). The owner insists that this is a new gun that he just received from Colt. I was under the inpression that Colt was shipping only "Gold Cup Trophy" models. Could this be a leftover from somewhere, or are both being produced?
Thanks in advance.
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I purchased a used Stainless Gold Cup National Match recently and the dealer told me that all the current Gold Cup models say trophy on them. I'm no expert in this area but that is what I was told by a dealer who knows Colts. By the way, I really like my Gold Cup.
When Mark655 was posting here, he did'nt even acknowledge the Trophy existed. And said many things about the National Match. So I think there is seperation with the custom shop. Being Colt makes the National Match and the custom shop makes the Trophy. I must say if that is the case then Colt does'nt keep up with the custom shop. I do know both are Colt and both are excellent target and defensive pistols. I have a 68 NM and love its feel, accuracy and, reliableness.
Colt isn't the best standardized company :)
BUT, they put the date the gun shipped on the label of the box, so it should be easy to tell how old it was.
BTT - I'd like to get some clarification on this one! Anybody know for sure?

?! Gold Cup National Match = Colt
?! Gold Cup Trophy = Colt Custom Shop
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