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New Gold Cup - Range Report

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As I posted several days ago, I purchased a new Blue Gold Cup (made this year). After cleaning the pistol I discovered several interesting details. 1) No tooling marks, finish is flawless inside and out. 2) Blueing is very nice a deep. 3) Pistol came with paper target showing a nice grouping (not dated, WHY?)as well as two magazines, one holds seven, the other eight. 4) MIM parts: Grip safety, Hammer, and EXTRACTOR. Yes folks, the extractor is MIM....? Guess time will tell if this was a good idea on Colt's behalf. 5) Barrel is blued, not stainless, with the following: Colt 45 Auto N.M. 6) Sights are Elliason.
Range Report: a) Sights were well regulated, right on the money (I previous Kimber Gold Combat I purchased shot to the left, unexcusable in a gun in that price range). b) Trigger pull is nice and crisp with no creep or overtravel, very impressive for a 80 series. c) Shot around 200 rounds of Winchester WinClean and 50 round of Golden Saber (230 gr.), FTF were 4 and only with the WinClean, the round wouldn't go all the way inside the chamber. The slide locked prematurely in three occations, and only with the WinClean... I blame this partially to the "unique" throating Colt is using and perhaps a relatively rough breach face. Overall, I am happy with the Gold Cup, it proved more accurate than my Kimber Gold Combat. Any suggestions on how to fix the FTF I experienced? There is something about a real Colt.....
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I would break the Gold Cup in with 200 rounds of 230 grain hardball ammo of known quality (Federal American Eagle, Speer Lawman or Winchester White Box)

I have heard of other people having problems with the WinClean.

It sounds like your function problems have occurred only with the WinClean, so I would leave your Colt as-is.

Congratulations on your new Gold Gup!

Don't want to rain on your party but watch the leaf pin on the Elliason sight. I got mine on May 1 and fired 1k rounds through it in four days. Handloads with 230 hardball and 6 gr. Unique which is a moderate load,
Used the heavy spring which came with the gun. If they didn't intend you to use anything but SWC and 3.2 Bullseye, why did they send the heavy spring. At the end of the 1K the detent spring pin that works in the notches of the windage screw fell out and the leaf pin broke in three pieces and fel out. Called Colt. Said return it and they would fix it and refund my shipping.
They did that. This time the leaf pin lasted
560 rounds. Ordered pin from Brownell, $3.83
plus shipping, installed and ran 260 rounds.
Broke again. Gun is now on its second trip
back home; Colt's home that is. Talked to several custom pistolsmiths and they all say the Elliason sight is the worst they have ever seen. I have asked Colt to replace slide with dove-tailed Bo-Mar sight which they are now using. If they don't, I will send gun to Bill Wilson and have him install
a sight he makes that will cover the slot in the slide and his sight has a recoil lug that must be machined into the slide but it absorbs the recoil instead of that little
.0625 [1/16"] roll pin. Disgusted? Yes!!!
Pistol is accurate and a pleasure to shoot if I can only keep a rear sight on it. Sorry to be so negative but these are straight facts.

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Just as a point of interest, the current blued "Classic" Gold Cup (Model 05870CS) is pretty, but it is merely a continuation of the original model, apparently for the Bullseye shooters and purists among us. The Elliason sight has always been well known as more of an NRA Bullseye target wadcutter item, rather than a rugged general use carry sight. Nothing new here.

My stainless Delta Gold Cup has the somewhat sturdier Accro sight from the factory, and I have experienced no problems with it or it's retaining pin. But the "real" New Gold Cup is the new stainless model with the superb, rugged target BoMar sights as standard - the Model 05070X. This gun should be renamed "The Carry Model Gold Cup", as it is beautiful, accurate AND rugged. We have sold several Gold Cups recently (only one of the blue models) and they are both beautiful guns.

WinClean, CCI Blazer (aluminum cased), and UMC "Yellow Box" ammo all seem to cause functioning problems in guns that run perfectly with everything else - I'd avoid them until something proves to my satisfaction that they have improved. If the gun runs with regular Winchester or Federal, the gun is probably fine.

I have heard that both the new Wilson Gold Cup sight as well as the tried and true Wichita sight are "the ultimate fix" for Eliason equipped Gold Cups - unless you only use wadcutter! However, I read long ago in Layne Simpson's book "The Custom Government Model Pistol" (page 260) that stopping the "bounce" of the Eliason with a piece of ShokBuff under it, along with a solid steel mounting pin would also give it a long and useful life. Worth a trial, I would think.

Either way, enjoy your new Gold Cups - they are very well crafted firearms, as are all the "new" production Colts.

Warmly, Col. Colt

"Beware of Counterfeits and Patent Infringements"
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i have a friend who got a seris 80 gold cup a couple of weeks ago, its the blued model and was a new in the box. i haven't seen it but he says its a beauty, and it shoots great. i didn't think to ask the price of it though!

what is the blued new gold cups going for now? i would like to have one, but i haven't seen any to price. also it the blue "black" like the new 91A1'a or is a bluer finish

russel the cop

I paid $850.00 for mine, the finish is really black, not blue. I will do some work with the Elliason sights and see how it performs.
I would give just about anything (within reason) for a new Gold Cup. They are hard to come by around here. They told me about 4-5 mos when I last inquired about 2 weeks ago. I too had a 80 series Gold Cup with the Ellison (hope I spelled that right) sight. I am trying to get one with the Bomar sight because I have used them before. The Gold Cup is a great gun with a rich history. I hope yours lives up to it's name.


New Gold Cups aren't really that hard to find. I poked around gunsamerica.com for a few minutes and found quite a few brand new ones. I bought a brand new stainless Gold Cup (my first 1911) about a month ago from a dealer I found on gunsamerica and I couldn't be happier. It's beautiful, and a beautiful shooter. Paid $950. Worth every penny.

Horny Toad

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Horny Toad,

Thanks for the info. As luck would have it. I came across a new Gold Cup this afternoon while visiting a local gun shop. Well, the rest is history. Will post soon to let you know how it shoots. Unfortunately, there is a 5 day wait here in Washington before I can pick it up. P.S. the fit & finish was excellent and it is one of the new ones with a Bomar rear sight. I am a happy camper.

all gold cup owners

hi- i haven't posted in a while so bear with me.
i went out today and picked up my new gold cup. i took it home and cleaned it good getting the old oil etc out of it and having a little problem with the slide stop but anyhow got to the range and went through about 150 rds of ball. out of the box at 10 yards i hit the 10 spot 95 % of the time/ i was very impressed. i did have some fail to feed problems but i think that is just due to newness.i would appreciate any comments on what you all think about your gc. thxs all
6 year old thread.
Just a point of reference. I've been watching this thread for 7 years and for the same period of time have been worried about my supposedly fragile Elliason sights. I bought my Gold Cup Trophy in 1999 and it's been my primary shooter since that time. The original Colt Eliason sights are still working like new with the original pin.
Wow. This is an old thread.

Anyway, my pin never broke either. It just had the annoying propensity to slide out, requiring me to tighten it up. Have had my GC since '94.

I did however replace the Elliasons this year with the newer Champions that Colt is using now. These look (almost) just like the Elliasons, but feel more sturdier in construction and offers a slightly better sight picture since the leaf is serrated.
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