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Hello all, thanks for having me. I only have one 1911 now, a Para GI Expert. I like it well enough, it's reliable with Chip McCormick mags and like almost all my guns it is more accurate than I am (except my first gen Ruger Mini-30). I've had a few cheap 1911s since the mid 80s, dare I say Auto Ordinance, but never a Colt, Springfield, S&W or similar quality. I'm here to learn and I'm interested in getting a Commander size 1911, I think in 45 and I'm leaning toward the Colt Combat Commander. I've shot the Para in a few IDPA matches and back in the day I worked my way to SSP Master with a Glock 34. I did some 3-gun for 4-5 years before it died on the national level. I only shoot a few matches a year these days. I will likely carry the Commander when my clothing allows.
My current 1911 in my new Galco Combat Master Holster.
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Welcome from Virginia. I have a RIA 1911 MS (Commander) It’s plain Jane with GI sites. I enjoy shooting it and is accurate. As long as I do my part. Since you’re looking to use yours for competition, I would look at up graded sites. Good luck 👍😎
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