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Hi- i am new to the 1911 forums, just want to introduce myself.

I need some help choosing between a Kimber TLE/RL and a Warrior. My dealer has the TLE for $900 new and the Warrior for $1100 new. I will be trading my glock 37 towards it and he will give me about $500. my question is this; What are the substantive differences between the 2 pistols? I am particularly interested in learning about the finish (KimPro?) and external vs. internal safety differences. I have seen more than a fair share of 1 year old TLE's with 200 rounds down the barrel sporting 85-90% finish. I want to avoid that scenario all together.

Should i save the $200, buy the TLE,a mainspring housing with lanyard loop (where can i find these and how easy are they to install?) and pick up a pair of gunner grips and build one up -or-

Get the warrior and start blasting! :biglaugh:

Any insight anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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