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New guy w/disassembly input

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Howdy all,
I'm a former owner of a Kimber, Springfield and other brand, (don't ask, I'm too embarrased), 1911's. After temporary insanity, (gave up the 1911 and got into cowboy stuff), I came across a vey slightly used PRO BP TEN II last weekend. Good deal and I still had about 150 45 ACP rounds that won't fit in the 45 Long Colt. So, I'm back in the 1911's. Have not made it to the range yet to try her out. Have been reading alot of the posts on here and thought I would add to it. I was reading a post about a new owners disassembly troubles. So here's my woes.
Never had a bushingless barrel before and the guy I got the PRO from told me about the "take down tool". Everything was going well until I tried to remove the recoil assembly. It wouldn't budge and at first seemed to be too long to clear the barrel link. Turns out the recoil spring plug was stuck in the tunnel. Had to take a brass punch to the edge of it. Seems the friendly seller didn't believe in cleaning things too well. Easy and obvious fix but, if you've never had a 1911 before could have been a real stumper and the instruction booklet omits some steps, such as removing the guide rod assembly. Any-way, glad to be back in the 1911's.