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for history, you might want to pick up http://www.amazon.com/1911-The-First-100-Years/dp/1440211159/ref=cm_cmu_pg_t , for an indepth look at a great shop manual, try Jerry Kuhnhausen on Amazon or look into any number of youtube vids

Newbie here from Jersey - new to shooting (if bb's don't count)! Started doing some reading on the 1911 and decided I need to have one. The history on this piece is amazing - over 100 years and still the favorite of many! I'm getting familiar with my revolver at Ft. Dix range 14, and waiting on nics check to pick up my sig nightmare. I'd like to read more on the 1911 history if anyone has any leads.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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