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New holster is tight, what to do?

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Finally recieved my LT hand Dillon after a three month wait, seems like a nice rig, first I have ever owned however.

The rig is very tight for the moment, practically takes my belt with it when I draw. Is there anything generic around the house (i.e. motor oil, gun grease, bacon dripings) that I could use to treat and loosen things up a bit? I'v heard of hyde glyde, but I was wondering what else may be used.

Furthermore, any comments on general care would be appreciated.

Thanks. RJH
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I would first do a bunch of presentations to see if it will free up (make sure it's unloaded) but if its to tight for that, you can wrap a plastic bag around the pistol, cram it in the holster, let it sit for a day or two and then try it. If that doesn't work, you may have to use two bags. Do it slow because you want it to be as snug as possible without binding.
Hyde Glyde or silcone spray on the inside of the holster, then put your gun in. Wrap the holster/gun in an airtight bag for a couple days. It should loosen up a bit. After that, a few hundred draws will be the finishing touch.
OK, blinder "beat me to the draw" by one minute!
A trick that works for me is to sprinkle powdered graphite into the holster, shake up the holster to distribute the graphite, then invert the holster and tap out excess powdered graphite.

This will slick up the insides until the holster loosens up with use. Powdered graphite is available at any decent hardware store, and won't harm the finish of the gun
Good tips from a lot of knowledgeable folks. Here is one that hasn't been said, does your belt fit the holster? Make sure the belt is a real gun belt, not a thin, flimsy dress belt. The width of the belt needs to match the belt slots on the holster. Dillon holsters usually have 1.75" belt slots.
I've had good results puting the gun in a plastic bag and spraying shoe stretcher on the holster,mag. pouch,etc.tom.

Pledge. Spray the inside of the holster, let it dry.

Lemon scent extra.

It works. No kidding.
Buckster, I have three holsters from Dillon and all were very tight when brand new. I've found that the plastic bag trick suggested by blinder, along with several hundred "pseudo-presentations" (grab holster in one hand and UNLOADED gun in the other) worked well for all of them. They all now allow smooth presentations (real ones from a real gunbelt -- see Ricky T's post), but still grip their respective guns securely.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
You wouldn't be stuffin' a Springfield into a holster molded for a Colt now would you?
Nope, I gave them the make and model when ordered, Kimber by the way.
Thank you all for your replys, I will try them.

Take a peice of saran wrap , fold about four to five times , only place it along the slide flats on gun . insert and allow to set for a day or so. this is what I do if I ever get one that shrinks to much .

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Blinder and Shane 45 hit the nail on the head. Silicone spray or applied with a brush.
(note this will darken the leather some - unless it's black). Then place gun in holster and the works into an airtight bag for a couple of days. Or you could rent a good shootem up and do about 1,000 holster presentations... or less if it loosens before.

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