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New home-smithing project

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I'm really excited, my new STI slide and frame finally showed up. I'll be using this gun for IPSC limited class once it's all done. I had wanted an STI Edge, but building it myself (with a little help) should save me a few hundred bucks over just buying an Edge off the shelf. It'll be cheaper but that's not really the point here. Mainly I just like working on guns and this will be a fun project.

I'm going to rely on a guy here in my area with a lot more experience than me to do some of the more tricky stuff like fitting the barrel, milling for Bo-Mars, and a trigger job (If you see this Doc, e-mail me I'm ready to go). Everything else I should be able to do myself.

So far I've installed the ejector, beavertail, and ambi-thumb safeties. Also the reverse plug was quite a bit oversize, so that had to be fitted as well. I filled in the bottom grip screw holes with epoxy because they serve no purpose other than to just have the bottom diamond's appearance match the top. Also since the gun is going to be all black, that will sort of match the look better.

Here's a couple of pics of what I've got so far. The camera and lighting suck, so apologies for that. It's pretty ugly right now but I know it'll be nice when I'm done.

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hhsmiley, that is an AWESOME blend and fit on that grip safety and thumb safety!!!!

Nice, nice work.

Thanks a lot pistolwrench. The key is of course for anyone who's gonna try it is go slow and take off a little at a time. You can always take more off, but it's damn hard to put it back on! This is the second one I've done and I still get pretty nervous going to town on the frame with the ol' roto tool!
Man that sure looks fine to me.....Keep us updated as you go.
I know its a little late now, but why didn't you just order the slide with the dovetails already milled?

I agree, nice fit on the grip safety.
Good question Patrick. The reason I didn't order the slide already milled is that I want the sight cuts done a certain way and would really have no control over that when ordering the slide from afar. I have noticed that STI slides sometimes are simply milled straight across the part where the rear part of the sight sits. I prefer the "melted in" type cut where there is some material left on each side of the rear part of the sight. Also, I want the sight blade to be fully resting on top of the slide and not hanging off the back of the slide. In other words it needs to be like the top pic and not the bottom one.

This picture shows what I mean about the material not left on the side of the slide which covers part of the rear of the sight.

Admittedly, these are minor details. That's kind of the whole point in doing this though. Instead of buying a gun off the shelf, this one will be EXACTLY how I want it set up, no compromises.

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