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New Kimber Custom CDP II

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On Wednesday I picked up my new Kimber Custom CDP II and spend much of the Thanksgiving weekend shooting it. I've always wanted a 1911 and finally I have one.

What a sweet gun! It is definitely more accurate than my Sig P220.

So far I have put 300 rounds through it using the 1 magazine that came with it. I did experience some random jams that appeared at about 100 rounds but went away after about 150 rounds. The jam occurred when loading a full magazine (ball ammo) and then triggering the slide release with my thumb. The first round that fed into the chamber would have it's nose pushed up against the top of the chamber and would not feed the rest of the way in. If I dropped the mag out of the gun, the round usually snapped into the chamber. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, but it seems to have gone away.

I ordered 2 magazines. A 7 round and an 8 round Wilson Combat. I'll see how those work in the gun before buying any more.

Does anyone know what would be a good in-the-waist-band holster for the Custom CDP? I have a Galco Royal Guard for my Sig P220 and have been pleased with it. Galco makes Royal Guard holsters for 5" 1911s, but I wonder if the meltdown treatment given to the CDP series will make the gun too lose in the holster.

Advice, suggestions, personal experience???

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The Galco Royal Guard will be a perfect choice. That is how I carry my Custom CDP. As long as the holster is brand new, it will definitely fit like a glove based on my own experience.
On my first range session with my Custom CDP, I replace the factory recoil spring with a 18.5 lbs. Wolff. The pistol functioned flawlessly without any malfunctions using S&B and Wichester white box ammo. I used the factory mag, CMC and Wilson mags.

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Look over Dane Burns' GWH made exclusively for him by Lou Alessi at www.burnscustom.com.
Beware! If you buy one, you're gonna have to throw away that Galco Royal guard for the SIG and get another GWH.[
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