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As a fellow ProCarry owner, I'll share.

Good choice, nice light, accurate and reliable weapon.

"Break-in" for mine took about 200 rounds, but oddly, I had no malfunctions. The slide/frame fit is VERY tight. I'd recommend cleaning it every 50 rounds for the first few hundred, as it'll still be smoothing itself out. (It'll be so tight that powder fouling will slow the slide down enough to induce a malf if you let it get too dirty.) Some say to keep it a little over-oiled during breakin to speed things along... I don't see it making too much difference.

Mine digests any factory ammo I feed it and all of my reloads. I've found I like to use American Eagle FMJ for practice, as it hits POA exactly the same as the 230 Hydrashocks I use as carry ammo. A little more expensive than Fiocchi, but cleaner imho.

As for the magazines, I use the 8 rounders, but bought a 7 and an 8 to start, just to check the 8's function. After it proved itself, I ordered 3 more and kept the 7 as a range mag along with the stock 7 rounder Kimber gives you.

One final word of caution. Thoroughly clean and oil it before you use it!!! All the Kimbers I've owned/seen were bone dry on arrival. So dry that even my stainless models would start to brown up. Give it a nice bath in BreakFree, and let it soak in for a while, then wipe her down.. The blued models really seem to benefit from this.

Enjoy shooting it, you're gonna love it.
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