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New kind of Gun Cleaner

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I have been buying carb cleaner, window cleaner, brake cleaner and various other aerisols from an outfit called AVW for a long time here in my Motorcycle Shop. Last week my salesman from AVW told me that they now have a aerisol gun cleaner. I had them ship me a can so I could check it out - seems like good stuff to me. I sprayed it on, wiped my gun down good, sprayed on a little more and then used compressed air to blow the lube ito the small parts. Anybody else ever heard of or used this product? It's called "Lube Job Gun Cleaner" and runs around 4 bucks a can. (I know, my spelling sucks but I didn't have time to download the spell checker)
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Yeah i just used that to clean my yugo sks and it worked great at getting all the packing grease out of it. It did a wonderful job.
Please post info on how to acquire this stuff.

We want some. How do we get it??
I guess I could sell you some

mark1174 said:
We want some. How do we get it??
I am licensed dealer for thier products. I really have never sold any of their stuff, only used it around here. I'll send you a couple of cans for $ 10.00 plus shipping if you want. Email me [email protected] if I can help ya out. I DO take PayPal and CC's over the phone. Like I said, it works good for me - smells good too!
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I know alot of people use breake cleaner etc. for their pistols but I jsut don't see the point. I guess it's cost? I much perfer to use something designed for firearms like MP Pro 7 that is also not toxic.
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