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New mags or spring/follower kit.

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Looking at some wilson combat officer 7 round mags for my SA ultra compact(single stack). The wilson sight order page doesn't seem to be working and while I was surfing I found a sight that sells the wilson combat spring/follower 8rnd kit. Would this work in my UC mags to give me 7rnds? Or should I just buy new mags? Thnx.

Also, I'm under the impression that the Colt Officer mags are the same as the SA uc's. Is this correct?

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Wilson's 8 rd spring and follower kit is listed by Wilson for their 8 round full-size and 7 round officers sized guns (part #266,45). I know, it seems odd, but that is how they list it.

As for your Colt Officer's mags being the same as the SA UC's mags, maybe and maybe not. A lot of companies have made the magazines for Colt and I believe there have been a few that have made mags for SA. So, you may have some overlap. Then again, a lot of the mags made for Colt and are made to the same specs are made by different companies and often there is no record of who made the mag on the mag itself.
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