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new main spring housing doesnt work

yes i was wondering if any of you daly owner have changed your mainspring housing? i bought a new checkered mainspring housing from ace custom 45's.and i even shape it to match all the contours of the daly 45,that is after trying it fresh out of the pakage and it didnt work.so i filed it mess with it time and again but it kept doing the same thing, wich was you didnt have to press the gripsafty in order for it to fire.so after fruitless efforts i put the old one in-and the grip safty works like it suppose too.if any of you have a insight i would deeply appreciate it. i went to a gunsmith,and said that i just need to file a little more off the [ears]at the top of the main spring housing thers two ear, on the left a one on the right/once i filed them,the grip safty was able to push out farther and it working. now im a happy camper-with a checkerd mainspring housing,and my daly gets better looking everyday.


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