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Hi everyone! Didnt really see a new member intro forum. Since this is the section Im most interested in Ill say hello here.

I Currently just own a Kimber Custom wich I just bought used with a clark 460kit. I stoopidly sold my Dan Wesson PM7 10mm . I loved that gun. I have been in remorse for 3 days.

But with the old must come the new. I have been scouring the net trying to replace my 10mm. I ran across Fusion firearms. Those are what the doctor ordered! Im pretty convinced I will go with a stainless frame, longslide 10.

Im torn between buying parts and building (Im planning on going to a gunsmithing school next year and would like to start smithing now) Or just having Fusion do the build for me cause I want my 10mm now and perfect.

So I have read the buying a used 1911 stuff on the net. Is there anyway to check for proper barrel lockup, bushing fit by feel or ? Just trying to evaluate this Kimber I got.

The former owner said It only has 300 rounds through it but its really got some worn out finish wich he claimed was just holster wear. But the grip safety is about silver wich I would think would only get worn off by firing.

I had a huge desire for the 460 kit (bear carry while fishing) and this kimber was pretty reasonably priced and it came with the 460 kit. I got 48 empties and two loaded round of rowland brass wich is all the guy said he ever shot out of it.

I would have more questions but the search function on this board reveals enough stuff to keep me computer bound for weeks. Everyones past posts have been really helpfull.

Well Im off to scour past info about duracoat. I gotta refinish this kimber so it will at least look 1/2 as good as my wesson.
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