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New Milt Sparks on order.

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Just had to tell someone...

I spent the last few days in Tunica, MS. (Vegas in the cotton fields). After being there roughly two hours I nailed a jackpot at the $1 slots!

First thing I did (after getting up off the floor
) was call Milt Sparks and place my order: a Watch Six holster with spare loops for my SA Champion, a new belt, an iwb single mag pouch and an "owb" dbl. mag pouch (D-4C). Lead time quoted was 8 to 10 weeks... I have NO problems waiting for quality btw. I figured out a long time ago if you buy the best you'll only have to buy it once.

Only thing I hate about the situation is that I'll have to file MS. state income tax next year... life is sooooo hard

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Strange timing Inspector: my order is at the UPS Nashville hub and should be delivered later today. I hope to pick it up from my folks' house Saturday... if I can wait that long


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