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New pics, a study in diversity.

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Seems there has been very few pics posted here lately.
Last week, in my shop, was a real study in diversity:
A full house race gun and a 'brought up to speed' M1911A1 US Property government gun:

Sorry about the relatively poor quality of the photos. This digital camera takes great close-ups, but unimpressive full-view pistol pics.
Back to the 35mm Canon, prints and the $39 scanner!

More pics at:

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision

Pick any two!

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You can keep the space gun but the old Colt/Drake looks lovely. That curved MSH looks different than normal as the top is out as far as the hump on the GS. Is that your own or somebody's aftermarket MSH.

Also, just picked up a 7790314 and a nm 7791435 pair of slides. WTB a old US property marked frame Colt, RR, Ith, or USS for a gussied up retro gun project. Might trade one for a Delta slide
As always, gorgeous work! Your angles on the front of the gun really look good! Is that a Schuemann Tribrid barrel that I see peeking out of the top of the slide?
I hope to have a couple of pics of a Caspian Officer's frame / Commander slide gun that I'm almost finished with up by the end of the week.
Best Regards,
John Harrison

It is a standard arched housing. Just an
unfortunate placement with the pattern of the shirt in the background.


It is indeed a Schuemann Tribrid barrel.
The customer is not a handloader and required that the gun run with factory ammo.
My first test fire using UMC 130gr. +P and an 11lb. spring had the brass just kinda trickling out the port.
Back to the shop, fluted the barrel and a return to the range. Gun now runs great and throws the brass about 4ft.

I was surprised at the efficiency of the Tribrid system using relatively mild factory ammo.Very, very little flip. I can only wonder what it would be like using 115 gr.
projos at 1500 fps!

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Is the GI gun's slike marked on the right side in any way?

I can see the drawing number on the left side, but from what do we infer that it's a DRAKE?

Curious minds (with similar-looking pistols) want to know.

Very nice contrast. I'm not so sure about the up-swept beavertail on the GI though...
Hi Pistolwrench,
Nice stuff!!!!!!! Very nice machine work, I don't think you can charge what that pistol really worth, MetalSmith
Hallocks book says the slide marked 7790314 is a match hard slide made by Drake Mfg. He also told me at a gun show the ones marked TZ on the port side were made by Israel Miltitary Industries during the Vietnam era. Here are some pics of one I recently found at a gun show

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My personal LW Commander.

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision

Pick any two.

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Really like that Commander!

Like the front serrations as well - rarely see them on Commander length - and the way you recut the rear serr's to match.

Is the slide lightened? Or is that a relief cut around the edge? Can't quite see it in the close-up.

Nice job on the back of the thumb safety. I can see the back of mine needs more work. Also the dehorning on the sharp corners looks very good and not over done. Good to see pics like this posted as they provide great models for aspiring pistolsmiths. Also are those diamond wood grips? I like the dark color. Also the dehorning of the transition lines on the dust cover looks good to. I have seen a few pistols that have the scallop by the trigger guard dehorned into a nice smooth curve been thinking about trying that also but don't know how the transition between polished flats and blasted radiuses would look. Do you use a file and then a diamond impregnated rubber?

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As a long time IPSC shooter (started in 1984) I really like the race gun. Too bad the customer had you put that abortion of a Holosight on it. A gun that looks as nice, and as fast as that one needs a C-More or an Aim Point.

Ocie,here's a pic of my homebuilt 1911.Scallops and tool marks around trigger guard dehorned.

BTW,nice looking Commander chuck.
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