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New pics.....Part 2

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1991-A1 Stainless

Colt Pocket Hammerless with 'real sights'!!!
Electroless Nickel by Alamo Custom.

Click here for more!

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...Great Pics Chuck!!!
...but then again you wouldn't let anything less go out of your shop!(LOL)
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Chuck, fantastic work again. The 1991 is likely the nicest ive seen. That is by far the best S/A treatment ever.
The lines on the SA mag well are fantastic! I've been working on an SA for one of my guns, and I can appreciate every mod you made on that piece. I have only hand tools and am finding the hardness of the mag well to make things slow going.
Dang, boy! Superfine!

Those old Hammerless's are nice and flat. Never had one but always thought they'd be a good little partner. The safeties are a little un-ergonomic though, aren;t they, or am I thinking of the older Walthers?
You're doing some very nice work, Chuck. My compliments.

Cheers, Tim
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That mag well lookes smoooooooooth

George Orwell: "That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there."

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Chuck, I love that '91 Stainless! What a nice job you did to the mag well. I like the front cocking serrations back where you put 'em; much more better to grab -w- your thumb wrapped over the top of the slide & still works well from underneath. Your work is always great "eye candy", but this gun has a personal appeal to me (it has a cousin living in my safe)
PS - the "flat gun is cool too!
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Chuck, You Da Man!
As usual, you're always giving us something to shoot for.

Don Williams www.theactionworks.com www.pickagripcom
Your 91A1 looks suspiciously like a MK IV Series 80 (since that's what it says on the slide!)

The Pit: http://www.geocities.com/mr_motorhead/index.html
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Chuck your work never ceases to amaze me....marvelous....simply marvelous!
Whoops! CastleBravo you are right!
I better spend less time 'smithing' and more time 'reading' the guns.....

I thank you all for the kind words.
Many of my customers fail to notice, or perhaps, take for granted the effort I put into every job that leaves this shop.
It sure is nice having this forum to share with and learn from.

When my issue of American Handgunner arrives, all work stops until I have at least scanned every 1911 article and studied every pic. This forum is like a daily AH!

Thanks to my recently acquired digital camera, posting pics takes little effort or time. I'd like to see the other 'smiths here put up more pics too!

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Well, wrench. You've done it again. This one really is a grabber. You have built the carry gun of century and I know it would never let you down. Eagles Law " If it does'nt work when you need it, You will never need it again.' Beautiful Work!
Ahhhh...now that 1911 is much more appealing to my personal taste!

Even though I don't usually go for extended mag wells, this is subtle & cleanly executed. Nice checkering on the rear of the slide too. Very nice job!

Chuck - what is the significance of the "1" on the FP stop?
Beautiful!!! That little Colt .380 (or is it a .32?) is cute beyond words! The improved sights are nicely integrated and look right at home atop it.

Beautiful electroless nickel on the little Colt. What's the story on Alamo Custom? Do they have a website?

Alamo Custom Gun Refinishing usually
takes on work only from FFL'S...They are in Ocala, Florida, and Terry Wolford is the owner. I don't have their phone # at hand, but you can get it from information and give him a call to see if that is his currant policy. If you can't get the number e-mail me.
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