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My 01' loaded in ss arrived this afternoon from the factory (px9151L). This pistol was a replacement for my first loaded that had a hammer/sear problem (read slamfire thread.) Anyway I grabbed 250 rounds of assorted junk that had been stacking up in my garage and headed for the range. My S.A. feed everything I had without a hitch.From 230grn hardball to Speer Gold dot, it all went down range. Accuracy was excellent, from the bench I was able to shoot a 2'in group of five at 25 yards. Now my question, I know all 01' loaded's come with a loaded chamber indacator as did my first pistol, but my "new" pistol didn't. Weird? does this mean I didn't get the match barrel? The ILS is there, as well as the novak sights and guide rod. Any ideas?

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