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New stainless .45

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My springfield just arrived in my local gunshop. I had ordered the fullsize stainless loaded 2001 Model. I'm still waiting for the damned Canadian paperwork before I can take it home but I made a few observations.

i: the grasping grooves on the slide are sharp but the rest of the edges do seem to have a mild bevel on it. I'll just dehorn the grooves myself.

ii: The gun is tight! The slide locks back with no mag in the well and needs a light thump to close. Anyone else have this happen? If so do I need to do anything else other than 500 rounds of breakin ammo?

There is NO play up and down or side to side

iii: The box came with a lock, wrenches for the sight set screw and full-length guiderod and two keys for the ILS. Two magazines and a nice cloth bag for the pistol too. This is very impressive compared to most packaging from other companies.

I'll post a report once I test fire it!!!
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My v10 Ultra Compact will bind open,,,,but it has only happened, when I'm putting it back together after a cleaning. Once the slide stop is in place and everything is together, perfect.

Otherwise, twice I've had to use a rubber mallot to break free the slide. No damage,,,,,nothing looks wrong, the gun runs fine,,,,just binds occasionally when I'm putting it back together.

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Every Trophy Match new will stop short of battery if slowly released as well as every Les Baer will do the same. Its about tolerances the tightest fit possible without adversly affecting function. You should not let the slide go from open lock to a full fly battery unless #1 snapcap in there or #2 your chambering a round.
Use "RIG" + stainless on your slide/frame rails and lighty on barrel and inner & outer of bushing. Its been through the trial method of our Gunshop it is the best we I have found. Make's them slide like hot butter. Good luck! Have Fun!

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I have had my stainless loaded for about 3 months. It will still lock open without a magazine in it. I'm willing to accept that minor problem along with the fact that it came with 2 faulty magazines for it's perfomance.

I have about 500 rounds through it. Yesterday I shot a 4 round group within 2.00 inches at 25 yards outside (from a bench, I'm not a great shot) We won't talk about the 5th round.

I will give you one warning about this before you get your gun. Although I have been shooting for a long time, this is my first 1911. Put something like a cloth over the the slide while you are re-assembling the gun. The first time I put mine back together, the slide catch slipped out and put a nasty scratch on the slide.

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I Still haven't shot the gun yet, registration hasn't gone through. My country's gunlaws suck. I have stripped the gun to clean (I do this to All my guns). The top right grip bushing unscrewed right out of the frame! The grip screw and grip bushing are fused together. I phoned SA and they're sending me new parts as I write this. I already scratched the frame trying to put the slide stop back in. The plunger tube spring is so tight I had to use a screw driver and push it in before the slidestop would 'pop' in. Minor scratches don't bother me, it's a combat arm. (I have a C&S BHP and the Black T is showing holster wear and I don't care)


1: I hate the full length guide rod. You have to fiddle with it or else the spring binds and the slide is hard to retract. The hole in the little plug for the spring makes it hard to manipulate without a tube. I'll replace these ASAP

2: The slide grooves are like razor blades...200 grit paper should fix it quick

3: I hate the 'speed bump' on the grip safety, it hurts my hand and makes the circumference of the handle greater. Leaves an impression in my hand after a few minutes too. I am 'blessed' with small thin hands which always seem to activate the grip safety even on my Norinco. Anyone know a good gunsmith who can grind the hump off? (I'm thinking of Novak's or Wickmann)

4: The front grip feels like a brick. I tested the gun against my Norinco which feels really smooth and round. I'm sure the speed bump on the grip safety contributes to this 'bad feel'. I'll probably get a smith to contour it to 'Colt/Norinco' standards.

5. The grips are sharp! The relief cut for the mainspring housing pin has a really sharp point which cuts into my hand. They're definitely not Spegels. This is a easy fix: Uncle mike's just like my Norinco.

6. All the springs are very strong. Especially mainspring and plungertube spring.

7.The carry bevel on the rest of the gun is actually very nice. Not custom but very nice.

8: Fit is very tight and impressive (Especially compared to my BHP's which all 'rattle')

9: Trigger is 5-6 pounds but crisp and easy.

10: Sights could use dots or even better a gold bead which I'll retrofit.

Most of my observations are idiosyncratic due to my small hands and my experience with a full-custom pistol. However the slide grooves are a definite safety hazard!!!
Considering the price of the pistol it is still an excellent deal and my experience with Customer Service was excellent. Even with the smith fees for contouring it's still a bargain vs. getting a Kimber and retrofitting Novaks onto it.

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Try this for the hell of it. Next time you go to replace slide stop, remove the thumb saftey. This takes tension off plunger spring. When you go to replace the saftey slip a 1/16" allen wrench under the saftey to depress the plunger spring. Adds about 2 mins to reassembly, but no more sratches.
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