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I changed my factory stock on my Savage FP10
to a Duramax stock. It was suppose to be a drop
in, but it need a little fitting. I glass bedded the
lug and tang. I had to remove the scope during
the process. I remounted the scope, aligned
the cross hairs and set the eye relief. Double
checked all the screws.
With the old stock this rifle was consistently
shooting 1/2 inch groups or better at 100 yards.
Took it out to the range and had to move the
rear mount screws because the group was
3 inchs high and almost off the paper.
After the course adjustment and 4 clicks left on
the scope and
10 clicks (or so) down, it was centered.
The next 5 shot group shot 3 inches high and at 2
o'clock. Adjusting again, shot center-ish, then back
to 3 inches high and 2 o'clock.
Can the stock change cause this?
Or is the scope going south?
Everything else is constant, the rest, ammo,
1 minute between shots...

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Very well could have seen the stock......Both Bell & Carlson and the Dura Max are not getting the greatest reviews as of late.

Choate Tool, Sharp Shooter Supply and McMillian now seem to be the favored picks.

Good luck

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